Today's message is a timely and prophetic message concerning forgiveness. Please listen as Pastor Cas kicks off our new series, The Mixtape, with the message "Another Chance."

Recorded September 29, 2019 at "Worship Without Walls at the Bandstand"

For this part of the Revision series, we decided to have a frank discussion about the church and the role it plays in society. This is real and raw audio from the conversation led by Pastor Cas and Pastor Rachel. We didn't solve the problems of the world and the church in a day but we began a process to become better Christians and a better church. 

Recorded September 22, 2019

Pastor Cas continues the Revision series with a special prophetic message entitled "Glory Carriers."

Preached Sunday, September 15, 2019 at The Church Triumphant, Newark, OH 

Join us as we deep dive into 1 Corinthians 12 in the fourth part of our series "Revision" entitled "Revising Unity."

Hello for the third time! Here is today's message from Pastor Cas from the series "Revision" entitled "Revising Holiness."

Hello again! We are back with Part 2 of our new series entitled "Revision." . This message from Pastor Cas is entitled "Revising Identity." We hope you are blessed by this entire series and by this message.

Hello everyone! We are back from our hiatus with a new series entitled "Revision." Today we are releasing the first three parts of the series on the same day. This message from Pastor Cas is entitled "Rewrite My Story." We hope you are blessed by this entire series and by this message.

Pastor Cas concludes "The Upper Room Encounter" with a prophetic message entitled "The System Is Broken."

We continue our Wednesday series of "The Upper Room" with a message from Pastor R.E. Iser of Miracle Life Church in Lancaster, OH. 

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